Reviews of Performances

Play of captivating abhinaya | Nisha M | The Hindu, April 10, 2014

“Noticeable stage presence and confidence marked the Bharatanatyam performance by Uma Govind at Bharath Bhavan, in the capital city. Fine choreography was the high point of Uma Govind’s recital. Uma performed with controlled movements and her foot work was remarkable. The piece was adorned with interesting imagery and jathis.”

Full text: The Hindu, April 10, ‘14

A touch of class | Gudipoodi Srihari | The Hindu, May 9, 2014

“Bharatanatyam artiste of Bengaluru, Uma Govind, took the stage. She started with Ganesha stutiin Bahudari, a composition of Tulasivanam. Swathi Thirunal’s Navaraathri kirtana in Bhairavi ragam set in Misrachapu talam figured next that had dominating nritta and pleasing abhinaya. She also portrayed navarasas imbedded in series of slokas taken out of Bhagavatha that formed the base for abhinaya to this text.The sloka rendition was set in ragamalika. She concluded with Dharmapuri’s javali Parulanna mata in Kapi.”

Full text: The Hindu, May 9th, ‘14

Reviews of classes and workshops

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